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Men's Polo Shirt

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Our custom Polo shirts are made with the biggest attention to the details. Perfect for daily activities, shirts are a great way to promote your team or brand. Our custom polo shirts are breathable, lightweight, fully customizable! Polo Features:

  • Highest quality fabric and technical cut
  • Comfort and performance are always our main goals. We printed inside label with size and basic info, there is no any sharp edges!
  • Thanks to CoolMax® premium polyester fabric you got both, perfect body temperature control and sun protection guaranteed by UPF40+ Filter.
  • Shirt is fastened with 3 buttons
  • Every T-shirt is packed in a polybag. Inside the polybag, You will find also additional labels with product features.
  • Do not wash with velcro
  • Hang Dry
  • Turn the garment inside out or use a garment washing bag
  • Use the gentle cycle
  • Use detergents free of perfumes and softeners

To receive a custom quote please fill out our contact form.

This product with your design costs:
  • You should submit the product design. If you dont have it, please check the following solutions:
    • Download our templates and designs on your own,
    • Choose the design from our free catalog,
    • Order a design service. Our designer will create design based on your brief.
The current design is used only for display purposes. This product needs to be customized with your design.

Please download our easy to use templates and design on your own.
You can also choose the design from our free catalog or order fully custom design service.

Want to ask about something? Feel free to contact us anytime!

Sizing Chart

Check our measuring guide and choose your size

  1. Body length
    • Lay your current tshirt flat on a hard surface with the front of the jersey facing up,
    • Place the measuring tape at the seam where the collar band attaches to the sleeve and measure straight down the middle of the front of the jersey to the hem at its longest point.
  2. Chest width
    • Lay your current tshirt flat on a hard surface,
    • Find the widest part of the jersey, which should be between the armpits of the jersey,
    • Measure straight across from the left of the jersey to the right of the jersey.

If in doubt, or in-between sizes, choose bigger size!

Jerseys Clinic - Custom Men's tshirt - Sizing Chart

A 67,5 70 72 74 76,5 78,5 81 83
B 46 48,5 51 55 57,5 60,5 63,5 67

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