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Hyper Light Paintball Jersey

1 Piece: € 75.00 per unit
10 Piece: € 62.00 per unit
50 Piece: € 56.00 per unit

1 Piece: $ 72.00 per unit
10 Piece: $ 59.00 per unit
50 Piece: $ 53.00 per unit

1 Piece: £ 65.00 per unit
10 Piece: £ 52.00 per unit
50 Piece: £ 46.00 per unit

We focused on maximum performance, breathability and minimal weight.

Padding removed. Jersey is fully velcro resistant!

Jersey features:
  • Our main goal was to create a jersey with high breathable zones made with lightweight fabrics. Jersey during hot weather helps you to keep thermal body control. Hyper airflow is possible thanks to five elements of jersey made with velcro resistant mesh.
  • Extreme weight reduction & breathability. We removed all the padding to make the jersey as light as possible.
  • In addition to breathability and weight, durability is also very important. We used Cordura to give maximum protection for areas susceptible to abrasion.
  • The type of the collar ensures a great look and neck protection against flying paintballs. Middle elastic part improves fit and comfort.
  • We ensure that our slide gloves are both comfortable and strong. There are two elastic zones, soft thumb hole, the surface is print all way around - you can customize them as well.
Jerseys Clinic - Vent Mesh Vent Mesh
Venting zones placed in most important places. It's most ventilated full-padded jersey on the market. Whatsmore, we are using patent-pending mesh, it's fully velcro resistant!

Jerseys Clinic - Moisture Wicking Moisture Wicking
Thanks to micro fisheye fabric construction moisture is transported out of the body. Ventilated zones keep you cool and dry even in hottest days.

Jerseys Clinic - Unlimited Colors	Unlimited Colors
Digital printing technology that guarantees consistent, vibrant colors. Print won't crack or peel.

Jerseys Clinic - Regular Cut Regular Cut
Comfortable fit with a little extra room throughout.

Jerseys Clinic - Cordura reinforcements Cordura reinforcements
Heavy duty Cordura fabric placed on areas exposed to abrasion

Jerseys Clinic - Tagless labeling Tagless labeling
A smooth surface, sublimated labels that will not irritate your skin.

Jerseys Clinic - Kid sizes Kid sizes
Kid sizes are available

  • Rinse all mud and muck off the garment
  • Hang Dry
  • Use detergents free of perfumes and softeners
  • Wash after every use

To receive a custom quote please fill out our contact form.

This product with your design costs:

1 Piece: € 75.00 per unit
10 Piece: € 62.00 per unit
50 Piece: € 56.00 per unit

1 Piece: $ 69.00 per unit
10 Piece: $ 56.00 per unit
50 Piece: $ 50.00 per unit

1 Piece: £ 65.00 per unit
10 Piece: £ 52.00 per unit
50 Piece: £ 46.00 per unit

  • You should submit the product design. If you dont have it, please check the following solutions:
    • Download our templates and designs on your own,
    • Choose the design from our free catalog,
    • Order a design service. Our designer will create design based on your brief.
The current design is used only for display purposes. This product needs to be customized with your design.

Please download our easy to use templates and design on your own.
You can also choose the design from our free catalog or order fully custom design service.

Want to ask about something? Feel free to contact us anytime!

Sizing Chart

Check our measuring guide and choose your size

  1. Sleeve Length
    • Lay your current playing jersey flat on a hard surface with the front facing up.
    • Extend the right sleeve out to the side and smooth it out as much as possible.
    • Start the tape measure at the right end of the collar band, just in place where the collar attaches to the right sleeve of the jersey (check the sizing image above).
    • Pull the tape measure taut to the end edge of the cuff on the sleeve.
  2. Chest width
    • Lay your current playing jersey flat on a hard surface,
    • Find the widest part of the jersey, which should be between the armpits of the jersey,
    • Measure straight across from the left of the jersey to the right of the jersey.
  3. Body length
    • Lay your current playing jersey flat on a hard surface with the front of the jersey facing up,
    • Place the measuring tape at the seam where the collar band attaches to the sleeve and measure straight down the middle of the front of the jersey to the hem at its longest point.

If in doubt, or in-between sizes, choose bigger size!

Jerseys Clinic - Custom Paintball Jerseys - Sizing Chart

A 70 74 76 78 80 82 84 86
B 57 60 62 64 66 68 70 72
C 70 74 76 78 80 82 84 86

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