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More about the planets visible in the night sky in Auckland.

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Sign in. Moon: Today's Sun Position in Auckland. Time: Altitude: 7. Day length today: 12h 41m 53s 7 Oct 2 minutes, 19 seconds longer than yesterday 6 Oct 3 hours, 3 minutes longer than winter solstice 21 Jun 1 hour, 59 minutes shorter than summer solstice 22 Dec Night — Astro. Twilight — Night — Time Mil. Time is adjusted for DST when applicable.

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They take into account refraction. Dates are based on the Gregorian calendar. Today's Moon in Auckland.

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Percent Illuminated: Illumination is calculated at lunar noon. Moon Articles What's a Blue Moon?

What's a Super Full Moon? What Are Moonbows? What Are the Moon Phases?

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Opening such a large piece of transport infrastructure means travel patterns will change. Waterview Tunnel location map. Download the location map. Completion of the Waterview Tunnel will also:. Cross section of the Tunnel. From time to time the Waterview Tunnel will require maintenance which may mean partial or full closure.

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Any planned closure of the Tunnel will be advertised well in advance and generally happen between the hours of 10pm and 5am. The detour route will be clearly marked.

New Zealand Government. Access keys for nzta. Menu Menu. Speed limit changes around the Waterview Tunnel Media release, 16 July Variable speed limits will be introduced around the Waterview Tunnel next year Media release, 21 December Northbound Waterview Tunnel to close overnight next week for scheduled maintenance Media release, 11 August View Gallery.