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When a public holiday falls on a collection day, collections for the rest of that week will be a day later. Rubbish normally collected on a Friday will be collected on the Saturday. Council gives each urban household a green or maroon crate for glass and a green wheelie bin with a yellow lid for all other recycling.

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Crates and wheelie bins are put out on alternate weeks. The transfer station is at 1 Nursery Road and accepts household and commercial general waste. It also accepts hazardous waste like paints, chemicals, vehicle batteries, gas bottles and e-waste in small quantities not commercial quantities free of charge.

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This waste needs to be separated from landfill so you need to let operators in the kiosk know if you have hazardous waste. All recycling is free but it must be taken to the recycling centre and sorted. Plastics numbered and 5 are recyclable and include soft drink bottles, sports bottles, water bottles, milk bottles, cleaning products, and 2-litre ice-cream containers — go ahead and pop these into your wheelie bin.

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  • Unfortunately, plastics numbered 3, 4, 6 and 7 are no longer able to be recycled because of changes in the global recycling market. Luckily, these types of plastics only make up between per cent based on weight of what Wairarapa residents put in their recycling bins. You can put out a maximum of two crates every fortnight. You must use official crates which are sturdy and safe for lifting by our contractors. If you find that you are exceeding this amount you can always drop any other recycling off at the Transfer Station free of charge.

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    Damaged bins will be repaired or replaced by Council, except when obviously damaged by users such as incorrectly towing it behind a vehicle. If your wheelie bin is missing or stolen, please contact your council as each bin has a unique ID number that can be scanned to locate it if we find it at another location.

    If your bin is stolen, your first bin will be replaced with a delivery charge. The wheelie bin is allocated to the property and must stay with the property for the new owners or tenants to use. Our ability to look after our natural environment has a lot to do with reducing our waste.

    Check out our waste reduction page for more information or visit Sort Waste , a joint initiative across all the Councils in the Wellington Region. On the site you will find lots of helpful information as well as personal stories from people who are working to reduce their waste.

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    A landfill is land where rubbish solid waste is compacted and buried. It should be designed and managed so that no liquid or gas can escape and harm our environment. They cost a lot of money to build and maintain. By reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill, we can reduce the haulage and disposal costs. There has been a big increase in the number of fires occurring in landfills. Fires can start during working hours and are extinguished immediately, however those that start after hours can have devastating effects and costs.

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