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Closing date: 18 July AND PH. University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Assistant Professor of Anthropology GIS applications related to archaeological research, including experience with archeogeophysics. University of Southern Mississippi School of Social Science and Global Studies Assistant Professor in Archaeology open to all areas of specialization in archaeology, but those with a research focus in the southeastern U.

Universitetet i Bergen Universitetsmuseet i Bergen Avdeling for kulturhistorie Seksjonssjef for Fornminneseksjonen Closing date: 31 December originally 26 November British Museum Circulating Artefacts project Lead Curator in Egyptology, or equivalent, you need to have detailed knowledge of material culture from Egypt and Nubia with good translation skills hieroglyphs and relevant modern languages. A secondary specialization in art and architecture from outside the European tradition would be particularly welcome.

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Closing date: 19 December British Museum 1 Scientist: Colour Science The post holder will support and develop the in-house analytical technologies used for the study of colour in all its forms paints, inks, dyes etc. Tasks will include studies in particular of the Middle and New Kingdom art. University of South Dakota Assistant or Associate Professor of Anthropology with a specialization in Biological Anthropology; courses in physical, biological, and forensic anthropology, and to develop and teach courses related to programs in forensic anthropology. Closing date: open until filled review of applications will begin 15 December University of North Carolina at Charlotte Department of Anthropology Lecturer with the ability to teach about past or present indigenous, diaspora or immigrant populations of the American Southeast, and who has experience engaging with local communities.

The objective of this chair is to provide an analysis of the changes occurring in languages, arts, cultures and thought in relation to digital technology and artificial intelligence, etc. University of Nottingham Assistant Professor in Viking and Early Medieval English Studies covering some preferably more than one of the following topics: language, literature and culture of medieval Scandinavia; the history and archaeology of the Vikings in the British Isles; language, literature and culture of the Anglo-Saxons; research methods in early medieval studies.

Science Museum Medicine Galleries Research Fellowship — Culturally Sensitive Objects to identify and review best practice concerning the care of culturally sensitive objects and collections originating from indigenous cultures, including items from Australasia and North America. University of Tennessee, Knoxville Assistant Professor in Medieval or Renaissance Art History Interest and ability to teach a course on the history of collecting and museums.

Northern Illinois University Department of Anthropology 1 Assistant Professor with expertise in environmental archaeology 2 Assistant Professor with expertise in North American archaeology Closing date: open until filled review of applications will begin 1 December Closing date: open until filled review of applications will begin 1 December Specific interests may include history, historiography, literary studies, or material culture.

Closing date: 1 December This position is also open for senior archaeologists. University of Oxford 1 School of Archaeology in association with St Cross College Associate Professorship of Archaeological Science Preference will be given to candidates with a specialism in stable isotope analysis of bioarchaeological remains because the post is currently linked with leadership of the stable isotope laboratory within the School.

It includes various classes of archaeological information from the U. Complementary areas of specialization or research experience are welcome, such as Roman archaeology and material culture, or Latin epigraphy. Colorado State University Department of Anthropology Biological Anthropology Assistant Professor Research focus on human evolution, excluding those who limit their research to only hominin morphology, lithic analysis, and zooarchaeology Closing date: open until filled review of applications will begin 16 November Preferred academic specialties include human growth and development, and the continuum of health and disease evolutionary biology and medicine.

An additional working knowledge of molecular anthropology and comparative primate osteology is desired. Closing date: open until filled review of applications will begin 15 November New York University Department of Anthropology Assistant Professor 2 positions in Anthropological Archaeology who take a big-picture approach to studies of: 1 the earlier Pleistocene record; or 2 complex societies in the Holocene, such as the development of urbanism and the rise of states and empires.

Regional specialty is open. Harvard University Department of Human Evolutionary Biology Professor in Human Evolutionary Biology Fields: human evolutionary biology, anatomy, physiology, human biology, life-history, paleoanthropology, neurobiology Closing date: open until filled review of applications will begin 15 November Smith College Department of Classical Languages and Literatures Advanced Assistant or Associate Professor Preference will be given to those with teaching and research interests in one or more of the following areas: Greek or Roman material culture; race and ethnicity in antiquity; public humanities; reception studies; use of digital methodologies.

Closing date: 14 November Closing date: 9 November Anglia Ruskin University Lecturer in History A specialism in early modern social history and material culture would be important for this post. Closing date: 5 November Preference will be to a candidate with research in the archaeology of African diaspora, Indigenous American, or historically oppressed peoples. Closing date: open until filled review of applications will begin 1 November University of California, Riverside Assistant Professor in Mesoamerican Archaeology with expertise in complex societies of ancient Mesoamerica.

University of Edinburgh Archaeology Lecturer in Human Osteoarchaeology expected to make a significant contribution to the teaching of Human Osteoarchaeology, Palaeopathology, Conflict Archaeology and related disciplines Closing date: 31 October New York University Gallatin School of Individualized Study Assistant Professor of Pre-Modern Indian Ocean Studies a scholar of pre-modern Indian Ocean history, culture, politics, and economy, with a primary interest in the exchange of ideas, texts, cultural objects, commodities and trade patterns, and the intermigration of communities.

James Madison University Department of Sociology and Anthropology Assistant Professor of Archaeology specializing in the archaeology of complex societies, especially in Latin America and the Caribbean, and with theoretical and methodological strengths in material culture studies. Closing date: open until filled review of applications will begin 22 October Baylor University Assistant Professor of Anthropology in medical anthropology, biomedical anthropology, molecular anthropology, applied anthropology, environmental anthropology, and related areas.

Washington University in St. Closing date: open until filled review of applications will begin 19 October University of Chicago Department of Anthropology Assistant Professor in Environmental Archaeology We welcome applications from scholars whose work is grounded in social theory and speaks to questions of broad anthropological significance. Closing date: open until filled review of applications will begin 15 October Regional focus is open.

Victoria County History VCH Short for the parish of Cradley, Herefordshire The second contract is to cover the medieval period where expertise in Latin and medieval palaeography is required and this will cover the period from up to Closing date: 12 October British Museum Asia department Curator: South Asia Collections expected to work broadly but with a primary responsibility for the area of Indian medieval sculpture. Closing date: 28 September University of Copenhagen Natural History Museum of Denmark Palaeoproteomics Technician Demonstrable knowledge of archaeological techniques, material culture, and bioarchaeology.

Closing date: 14 September University of Reading Lecturer in Classics expertise in Greek history is especially desirable. University of Bristol School of Arts Field Technician — Archaeology who will support field-related teaching and research activities Closing date: 2 September Northern Arizona University Assistant Professor, specializing in Archaeology of the American Southwest Closing date: open until filled review of applications will begin 1 September Closing date: 1 September for best consideration.

They will address such issues using potentially, but not exclusively, bioinformatic, biomolecular, clinical, epidemiological, genetic, microbiomic, pathogenic or skeletally-based approaches.

Leventis Professor of Greek Culture in any area of Ancient Greek language, literature, philosophy or history Closing date: 30 August Closing date: 26 August British Museum Project Curator: Google Maya Project In this role, you will facilitate Maya collections research and dissemination, lead on archival research and contribute to digitisation. Closing date: 25 August Bournemouth University Senior Lecturer Academic in Forensic Science in a relevant area of biology or palaeo-environmental studies eg.

Closing date: 19 August Historic England Greater London Historic Environment Record Officer As a key member of the Greater London Archaeological Advisory Service team, you will have access to a database full of archaeological and historic building information which you will share with our key stakeholders. Closing date: 13 August Closing date: 6 August i. University of Cambridge Department of Archaeology Lectureship in Biological Anthropology Preference is for applicants able to teach lecture modules in the broad area of comparative human biology, ideally including anthropological genetics.

University of Trento Assistant Professor in Landscape Architecture The main duties will concern the elaboration, comparison and evaluation of possible future urban scenarios for the city of Trento, with attention to the enhancement of the resources of the landscape and urban, cultural, architectural and archaeological heritage of the territory. Durham University Archaeology Teaching Fellow in Chinese Archaeology with a particular emphasis on material culture e.

Chinese trade ceramics, metallurgy, etc.

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Closing date: 23 July University of Melbourne School of Earth Sciences Kimberley Foundation Minderoo Chair of Archaeological Science The scope of the Chair will encompass the development and application of scientific methods to the study of Indigenous heritage in Australia and archaeological research more broadly, including an initial focus on understanding rock art and its environmental and archaeological context in the Kimberley region of northwestern Australia. Closing date: 22 July Closing date: 19 July University of Nottingham Teaching Associate in Archaeobotany in archaeobotany or a related area of archaeological science Closing date: 16 July Closing date: 16 July The job would include research on art objects found during Polish excavations at Kato Pafos — Maloutena Cyprus , in particular sculpture.

British Museum Scientist: Ceramics and stone to undertake petrographic research into the raw materials, identification, provenancing and technology of ceramic and stone artefacts, and to play an active role in projects designed to address issues related to the deterioration of stone and ceramic artefacts and their conservation. Closing date: 8 July Closing date: 6 July Particular focus should be placed on the many and varied processes of transformation which took place during the transitional period from Antiquity to the Middle Ages which have played an important part in the development of Europe and the World today.

Closing date: 28 June Closing date: 26 June Universiteit Gent Onderwijsbegeleider Historische Archeologie grondige kennis van de Archeologie van de Historische Perioden in NW-Europa en van de materiaalgroepen aardewerk, metalen, glas uit Romeinse tijd, Middeleeuwen, Post-Middeleeuwen in het bijzonder Closing date: 25 June British Museum Ancient Egypt and Sudan department Project Curator: Egyptian Written Culture in Egyptology or a related subject, on the collection of inscribed objects from ancient Egypt, including papyri, ostraca and inscribed monuments.

Closing date: 23 June Closing date: 18 June Closing date: 13 June University of Sheffield Faculty of Arts and Humanities — Department of History Lecturer in Early Modern European History, — historian of continental Europe excluding Britain and Ireland, for which we already have extensive coverage between c.

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Closing date: 29 May i. Ghent University Teaching assistant — Archaeology specifically within the subdiscipline Assyriology. Closing date: 28 May British Museum 1 Department of Africa, Oceania and the Americas Project Curator: ResearchSpace The main objective of the role is to support the implementation and customisation of specific curatorial research projects within the ResearchSpace platform, including knowledge representation, data mapping and collaboration, developing research and publication tools for those projects.

Closing date: 27 May i. Eastern Washington University College of Social Sciences Department of Geography and Anthropology Lecturer in the Anthropology program whose research and teaching interests are at the intersection of biological anthropology and archaeology, particularly in bioarchaeology and forensic anthropology Closing date: open until filled review of applications will begin 24 May Closing date: 20 May The associate professor is expected to continue this research focus and strengthen it.

The associate professor is expected to be able to carry out research and field work in the early pre-history of West Asia and with a particular focus on the neolithisation process. Closing date: 18 May Closing date: 16 May Areas of expertise might also include the early empires of Spain and Portugal. Lund University dendrolab at the Department of Geology Laboratory assistant main duties of the laboratory, i. English Heritage Assistant Curator West in either archaeology or history.

Closing date: 14 May University of Edinburgh Classics Lecturer in Classical Art and Archaeology Greek Archaeology preference may be given to applicants with additional research interests beyond Greek archaeology. University of Cambridge McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, within the Department of Archaeology McDonald Professorship of Palaeoproteomics in the emerging field of Palaeoproteomics, combined with strong evidence of an associated engagement with major themes in interpretative social archaeology and material culture Closing date: 4 May University of Copenhagen Associate Professor of Forensic Image Analysis and Forensic Anthropology Since the work may include assessing archaeological materials, especially mummies and bog bodies, as part of duties for the Anthropological Collection at the institute, research experience in this area is also expected.

Closing date: 2 May Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania Department of Anthropology Full-time, Temporary Instructor specialization in archaeology; regional specialization in Latin America — preferred Mesoamerican specialization Closing date: 1 May for full consideration. Closing date: 1 May University of Cambridge Department of Archaeology University Lecturer in Human Evolutionary and Behavioural Ecology in biological anthropology and human evolutionary studies, broadly construed, working within the framework and opportunities of a radically enlarged new department committed to interdisciplinary approaches Closing date: 30 April The mandate concerns the realisation of six interactive reconstructions of ancient classical games with different rules to test by users.

Eastern Oregon University Visiting Assistant Professor of Anthropology specialization in archaeology Closing date: open until filled review of applications will begin 24 April British Museum Conservator: Organics with specialist knowledge and experience in the conservation of easel paintings and painted surfaces Closing date: 24 April Ability to research in cross-disciplinary fields and eras, from the classical to the modern day.

Swansea University Arts and Humanities — Classics, Ancient History, and Egyptology Lecturer in the Material Culture of Ancient Egypt to teach courses on ancient material culture and to offer teaching related to history, civilization, art, archaeology, language, and religion Closing date: 23 April University of Oxford Faculty of Theology and Religion Departmental Lecturer in Patristics in the field of Patristics, with demonstrable knowledge of the historical and cultural context of the Patristic period. Closing date: 19 April for best consideration.

University of New Hampshire College of Liberal Arts, Department of Anthropology Lecturer in biological anthropology Closing date: open until filled review of applications will begin 16 April Closing date: 16 April You should be able to incorporate runes within a historical, cultural framework, and see the interdisciplinary potential in combining cultural linguistics and iconography with archaeological and numismatic data. University of Oxford Ashmolean Museum UEP Administration Assistant responsible for day-to-day aspects of the coordination of teaching related activities. Working closely with the UEP Teaching Curator, you will actively support the cross-disciplinary teaching activities of the Museum and provide administrative support to the Ashmolean Teaching Committee and other relevant forums.

University of East Anglia Faculty of Arts and Humanities Lecturer in Digital Humanities teaching and research that explores the ways in which the creation, curation or analysis of collections and archival materials intersects with Digital Humanities.

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Universiteit Leiden Faculteit Archeologie Universitair hoofd docent Mediterrane Archeologie bij voorkeur met een specialisatie in theorievorming en methodologische benaderingen van de Mediterrane archeologie in het eerste millennium v. Closing date: 9 April BCE-5th c. Closing date: 31 March University of Zadar lecturer into a research-teaching position of an assistant professor Humanities, the field of Archaeology branch of Prehistoric Archaeology, in the Department of Archaeology. The ideal candidate will have methodological expertise in ceramic analysis.

At Moesgaard Museum the position will include responsibilities for the development and coordination of the archaeological research profile of the museum. Closing date: 19 March Semantic Researcher: Circulating Artefacts i.

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Closing date: 18 March Hamilton College Visiting Assistant Professor of Anthropology Archaeology with a specialization in archaeology and general ability to teach biological anthropology and whose research and teaching broadly reflect training in archaeological science. Closing date: 16 March i. Closing date: open until filled review of applications will begin 15 March Closing date: open until filled review of applications will begin 15 March , i. British Museum Conservation department Conservator: Eastern Pictorial Art in the area of conserving Japanese, Asian and Islamic paintings and calligraphy; the conservation of Eastern pictorial art on paper and silk.

Justus Liebig University Giessen Professorship with W2 tenure track for Human-Climate-Environment-Relations In addition, the professorship should contribute to the understanding of the complex interdependencies of past and present human-environment-interactions, including geo-archeological aspects. Closing date: 5 March Closing date: 4 March Closing date: 2 March Rice University Lecturer in Anthropological Archaeology or Bioarchaeology with teaching experience in one or more of the following: anthropological archaeology, bioarchaeology, geoarchaeology, laboratory analysis Closing date: open until filled review of applications will begin 1 March Closing date: 1 March University of California, Santa Barbara Department of Anthropology Sociocultural Anthropology, Archaeology and Bioarchaeology SAAB Unit tenure-track or tenured, Professor an archaeologist specializing in the western, coastal United States, who has or can begin upon appointment, an active field program in the archaeology of the California central coast or Channel Islands.

British Museum Museum Futures Programme Manager interest in the digital challenges facing the heritage and cultural sector, with an aptitude to broaden their knowledge of digital preservation and access. Closing date: 28 February Candidates should have research ability in the field of archaeology and material culture in the Ancient World.