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Violence against gays and lesbians was often condoned. In , Charles Aberhart was beaten to death in Christchurch 's Hagley Park by a group of men who claimed he had propositioned them. As in many countries, homosexuals were often committed to mental institutions and given 'treatment' for what was rendered a mental illness. In , academic Ngahuia Te Awekotuku was denied a visitors permit to the United States on the grounds that she was a homosexual.

Publicity around the incident was a catalyst in the formation of gay liberation groups in Wellington , Christchurch and Auckland.

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After several attempts, the Homosexual Law Reform Act was passed in , decriminalising sexual activity between men over the age of In New Zealand instituted civil union for both same-sex and opposite sex couples , and in same-sex marriage was legalised. New Zealand's first gay pride week was founded in the s in the wake of the Stonewall riots in New York of , the symbolic start of the modern Gay Rights Movement. This developed into a festival that became burdened by financial problems, leading to the last Hero Parade being held in However, the parade returned as the Auckland Pride Parade in , then transitioned to become the Auckland Pride March in Starting in , Wellington hosted an "Out in the Park" fair, which later evolved into the annual Wellington Pride Festival.

Various surveys have recorded statistics on sexual orientation.

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Another source of sexual orientation statistics comes from the New Zealand Health Survey commissioned by the Ministry of Health. There has not been an official release of the demographics but an article using the Health Survey for years to reported that 2. Statistics New Zealand has collected some information on same-sex couples who share a residence, recorded in censuses since The census recorded 16, people living in a same-sex couple in New Zealand — 0.

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Most same-sex couples did not have children 6,, compared with 1, who had children. A government survey of secondary school students ages 13 to 18 recorded that 92 percent were exclusively attracted to the opposite sex, while 4 percent were attracted to the same sex or both sexes and 4 percent were not sure or were attracted to neither sex.

Asked about gender identity, about 1 percent of students reported that they were transgender, while 3 percent were unsure. Tim Barnett Labour was openly gay before being elected in Even earlier Marilyn Waring , a New Zealand National Party MP in the s and s, was also outed as a lesbian during her term and subsequently re-elected.

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There have also been other openly gay government ministers , such as Attorney General Chris Finlayson who was the National Party's first openly gay minister, [26] and Labour's Grant Robertson , the first openly gay Minister of Finance. New Zealand also elected the world's first out transgender MP. Georgina Beyer was elected to Parliament in the election for the seat of Wairarapa , and left Parliament on 14 February New Zealand is also a home for Eliana Rubashkyn , an internationally-known former LGBTI refugee, who became stateless several years in China after a severe case of discrimination due to her intersex variation, [30] and received subsequently a universal recognition of her gender by a U.

As in many other countries, there are numerous gays and lesbians involved in various branches of the arts. Openly gay athletes are relatively rare in New Zealand sports. Today, New Zealanders are generally accepting of gays and lesbians, although some homophobia such as the use of the word 'gay' as an insult [36] is present. The gay scene in New Zealand is reasonably small by international standards.

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However Auckland has multiple LGBT venues and festivals, as well as being voted the 15th gayest city in the world. Many smaller centres have LGBT organisations and social networks that cater to their community. The internet is often used by gay men in New Zealand to meet others, especially in areas which lack specifically gay venues. A fortnightly lesbian event called 'Flirt' is held in Auckland, on the first and third Saturday of each month.

There are a number of gay and lesbian festivals in New Zealand. The Out Takes film festival was a popular event in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, and while the organisation pulled the festival due to funding issues, it returned in Until , the Hero Festival was held in Auckland each February, and included the Hero Parade , which attracted huge crowds, both gay and straight. Financial problems in led to the parade's demise, but the festival continued as a celebration of the city's LGBT citizens and comprised many events throughout February, including the popular Big Gay Out in contrast to the music festival Big Day Out held in January , which is still held on the Sunday closest to Valentines Day each year.

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Over the Christmas and New year period, a number of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people attend summer camps at Vinegar Hill, New Zealand , in the Manawatu region. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The New Zealand Herald.

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Retrieved 28 March W Reed Ltd, Wellington. Sexuality and the Stories of Indigenous People. Dictionary of New Zealand Biography. Ministry for Culture and Heritage. Retrieved 4 April We review and compare each online dating website carefully to give you accurate information each dating site's membership, costs, safety, legitimacy and success rates so you know what to expect when you sign up.

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