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About us


Our company was founded in 2010 and quickly becomes one of the leading custom extreme sports apparel companies in Eastern Europe. Our goal is to develop and deliver the best products on the market. We always focusing on making things practically, easy to use which really meets the needs of the sport and person who use it even in most extremely conditions.

Today we employs a team of apparel enthusiasts and manufacturers one hundred percent of our product line in our European factory. By maintaining total control of the manufacturing process, we are able to ensure a high quality, Europ made product, delivered on-time as expected.


So much has been written about brand philosophy, identifying what your brand is and obsessively monitoring what people think of your product. Forget that. Our simple goal is to make Your vision of a paintball team come to life.

Whether you have only just started and have yet to decide upon the team colors, or you’ve been out and about for a while but feel like your team is missing that final part of the puzzle, make sure to give us a call. We understand how important it is to get all the details right. You’ve been dreaming of this for a while and you are meant to wear your jersey with pride so it’s got to be perfect, right? Whatever you need, be it a new headwrap order or adding a touch of individuality to your sock game, we’ve got you covered. We produce the highest quality, fully customizable paintball gear, which stands out from the crowd.

How we go about it?

Now, we like to keep things simple and classy. We go to meetings in white shirts, our favorite film is Shawshank Redemption and we wholeheartedly support Manchester United ;). Predictable? Maybe. But in fact, we use high quality materials and well thought-out solutions, which have been proven to work. You’re not taking any risks when you decide to go with us.

That’s not where it ends though. The main formula may be risk-free, but you can also bet your bottom dollar that the design will knock everyone’s socks off. I mean win or lose at least you know you’ve killed it in the looks department.


Because no one plays paintball alone. Here at JerseysClinic, we believe in a collective strength and we wish to be part of Your team.

We know that every single squad have their own colors, ideas and individual ways of doing things – we respect that, but we are dedicated to helping you with that final hurdle. Sorting your team out with the best custom paintball gear, to ensure that you continue to channel your unique style on and off the field.

JerseysClinic UNIQUE.UNITED.

Jerseys Clinic. Unique. United